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Screaming Kids and Bitchy Residents

I have NO desire to go into pediatrics. My outpatient rotation last month was okay, not something I'd want to do my whole life, but okay. This month (all 4 days) has been horrible. Really sick kids are no fun, and I hate having to ask them the same questions they've been asked 10 times before, plus make them cry when I have to look in the their mouth and eyes.

I've always been interested in OBGYN and some of the residents have been bitching about how the OBGYNs handle deliveries and newborns. I even got some glares when I was talking to the OBGYN residents I know this morning. It wasn't like I was ignoring what I needed to get done, I just said hi and asked how they'd been. Very frustrating.

And to top it all off I was post-call (and tired) and had to stay an extra hour to watch a lecture I had been given last Friday. Same lecture, same lecturer, same pictures. That was just the icing on the cake of suckiness.

Anyway enough with the bitching. Eddy was a blast today. He said "outside" and "night-night", and he gave me kisses. He also was trying to tickle me back while I was tickling him.
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