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Goodbye Grandma

My grandma died yesterday afternoon. To honor her memory I had to cook some sauerkraut. I have very strong memories (perhaps due to the strong smell?) of sauerkraut cooking in my grandma's kitchen.

She had advanced Parkinson's disease, heart problems, and probable lung cancer, so her passing wasn't unexpected. Everyone was able to say goodbye. Still, I will miss her. I loved her - She had the hardest time trying to teach me to crochet until we figured out that I could sit opposite her and mirror what she was doing. But she kept at it. Now I have all her crochet needles and even a few knitting needles in my collection.

I lived with her for a time when I was in college. Despite her increasing difficulty getting around she always made my dinner, and washed my clothes for me. When my car was totaled she bought me a new one. She was able to see me at my high school and college graduations. She was an honored guest at my wedding. She will not be present in body at my medical school graduation, but she will be in my thoughts.

Rest in peace.
Marlene Mabel Elizabeth Mehr Tschirhart
Born October 22, 1927.
Died November 26, 2007.
I will never forget you.
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