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Applications, USMLE, and Port Aransas

I finished all my applications and, happily, have 7 interviews so far. I'm really excited to start interviewing (on November 2!). Then I spent some time doing final cramming for my Step 2 which I took on the 10th. I think it went fairly well. The weekend after that we went to the beach at Port Aransas with Zach, Grace, Mom, and Aunt Linda. It was wonderful; perfect weather and Eddy had a blast.

Yesterday we went to dinner with Amy and Susan with Susan's husband. They might have different opinion, but I had a great time. Luckily Eddy's ear pull-->tongue out trick went over well. Amy, Susan and I then left the menfolk and went to Te House of Tea to knit for a few hours.

Today John and I took Eddy to the Zoo, he had fun riding the train (both the Metrorail and the park train), and they were having Zoo Boo so he got to trick or treat at the zoo. No masks on the animals by the way. Then he ran through one of the fountains for a while

And then we came home, took a nap, and then ate some reheated asparagus soup (it's better than it sounds!).
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