mjennyt (mjennyt) wrote,

Things I've done since my last post:
1) Completed 3 weeks of my acting internship at St. Joe's.
2) Submitted my residency application and successfully requested 3 of 4 letters of recommendation.
3) Scheduled three interviews in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
4) Seen the Yarn Harlot.
5) Acted like a total fangirl when she was signing my books. But she did compliment me on my Creatures of the Reef Shawl. I agree it's probably the prettiest thing I've ever made.

You can even the see the bottoms of the seahorses and crabs. Yeah!

6) Saw Jonathon Coulton and Paul and Storm in concert. Which was awesome. I still can't get the live version of "Mr. Fancypants" out of my head. The Mucky Duck was a great venue too.
7) Worked on my Koi socks for Mom.

8) Reread Alison Weir's The Life of Elizabeth I

9) Completed the entire Kaplan Qbank for Step 2CK. No comments on the percentage correct.
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