mjennyt (mjennyt) wrote,

As I have vacation this week and we have family in San Antonio and season passes to Sea World we decided to spend a few days in San Antonio. Getting here was a bit of a chore as it looked like this:

for a good part of the way down I-10 from Houston. Luckily we did get in and today went to see these:

at BR Llama and Alpaca Ranch in Boerne. We also visited two yarn stores. Ewe and Eye is also a needlepoint and toy store, so their selection is rather limited, but I did pick up some cashmere to make my Grandmother some socks. Rosewood Yarns had a much wider selection and I broke down and got some Schaefer Anne in colorway very similar to their "Hermione" colorway. I also got 500yds of some beautiful Tussah silk from Texscape Fibers, an artist based in San Antonio. It's called "Crepe Myrtle" and is absolutely beautiful - I can't stop touching it. I'll post pictures of these soon, didn't get good light today.

Tomorrow - Sea World and a dinosaur exhibit at the Witte Museum.
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