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Video Game Live and Jenny Falls Down and Goes BOOM!

Firstly, Video Game Live was awesome. John and I did our geek thing and dressed up in our Mario and Luigi costumes. For some reason, people kept wanting to take pictures of us, I can't imagine why. It was actually disappointing, there were only about 10 people dressed up. Anyway, if you are a fan of video games, or video game music, or just orchestral/choral music you should see this show. A few dorky bits, but the music was wonderful.

Secondly, everyone at Knitter's Night/SnB (whatever it's supposed to be called) recommended Twisted Yarns in Spring as a great yarn shop. So of course on Saturday I get up, drive to Spring in the rain and walk in the store. Then I drooled a bit. Then I picked up 3 skeins of Misti Alpaca Lace in creamy white. I've been on a laceweight kick lately. I guess that's from trying not buy sock yarn. I also got the Knitwhits "Crunch" Socks for Tots. Eddy has really picked up singing his ABCs and I've been wanting to knit these for him for a while and they had the kits fetchinly displayed in the store.

I may have to go back. They're having a sale and there was some Claudia Handpaints silk laceweight calling to me.

Coming up next...knitting content in super high def

Or at least super closeup.
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