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Okay - so I'm just not very good about posting, but I have a good excuse. I've gone through Match and I'll be an intern at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, NJ. I'm very happy about going there and we actually managed to find a house that another resident is moving out of to live in

Nice place, and 0.4 miles from the hospital. Eddy will also be attending the daycare on the hospital site and when we went up there he fit right in.

Now I'm packing up and getting ready to go - we'll be moving out this Saturday right after my graduation ceremony!

Also, Eddy learned how to fly a kite this weekend at Port Aransas

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Why yes, I'm still here. I haven't been posting because - well nothing's happening. I submitted my rank list for residencies. Now I just have to wait for March 20 to find out where I'll be spending the next four years. This is assuming that I actually match, but I really don't think that I won't. I ended up ranking 13 places out of the 14 I interviewed at. There was one place I just really didn't feel like I fit in, and just completely felt uncomfortable at.

Anatomy elective went very well. I had a much needed mental break, but I still think I did a pretty good job on a difficult dissection (female perineum) and read a few articles about hysterectomies and episiotomies.

This coming month we have lectures pretty much every day, and skills sessions in the afternoons. Some of the lectures sounds interesting (business of medicine, financial planning) but do we really need yet another lecture on diarrhea?

The knitting front has been pretty tame lately. I need to finish a few things so I really need to get back to Graces shawl and the baby surpise jacket.

Until later!
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Long time, no posts

So December went by really fast. I had interviews for the first half of the month, and then the holidays took up the rest of the month.

I've been working in the surgical ICU in January. It's really interesting and I'm learning a ton about critical care, but the hours and intensity of it gets to you. Next month should be a nice change of pace - Anatomy elective.

I also just finished my Koi socks for my mom. They are based off the Pomatomus socks by Cookie A. on Made with nearly all of 2 skeins of Crystal Palace Panda Wool in Red Cinnamon.

Extra pictures available on Ravelry.
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Goodbye Grandma

My grandma died yesterday afternoon. To honor her memory I had to cook some sauerkraut. I have very strong memories (perhaps due to the strong smell?) of sauerkraut cooking in my grandma's kitchen.

She had advanced Parkinson's disease, heart problems, and probable lung cancer, so her passing wasn't unexpected. Everyone was able to say goodbye. Still, I will miss her. I loved her - She had the hardest time trying to teach me to crochet until we figured out that I could sit opposite her and mirror what she was doing. But she kept at it. Now I have all her crochet needles and even a few knitting needles in my collection.

I lived with her for a time when I was in college. Despite her increasing difficulty getting around she always made my dinner, and washed my clothes for me. When my car was totaled she bought me a new one. She was able to see me at my high school and college graduations. She was an honored guest at my wedding. She will not be present in body at my medical school graduation, but she will be in my thoughts.

Rest in peace.
Marlene Mabel Elizabeth Mehr Tschirhart
Born October 22, 1927.
Died November 26, 2007.
I will never forget you.
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Applications, USMLE, and Port Aransas

I finished all my applications and, happily, have 7 interviews so far. I'm really excited to start interviewing (on November 2!). Then I spent some time doing final cramming for my Step 2 which I took on the 10th. I think it went fairly well. The weekend after that we went to the beach at Port Aransas with Zach, Grace, Mom, and Aunt Linda. It was wonderful; perfect weather and Eddy had a blast.

Yesterday we went to dinner with Amy and Susan with Susan's husband. They might have different opinion, but I had a great time. Luckily Eddy's ear pull-->tongue out trick went over well. Amy, Susan and I then left the menfolk and went to Te House of Tea to knit for a few hours.

Today John and I took Eddy to the Zoo, he had fun riding the train (both the Metrorail and the park train), and they were having Zoo Boo so he got to trick or treat at the zoo. No masks on the animals by the way. Then he ran through one of the fountains for a while

And then we came home, took a nap, and then ate some reheated asparagus soup (it's better than it sounds!).
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Things I've done since my last post:
1) Completed 3 weeks of my acting internship at St. Joe's.
2) Submitted my residency application and successfully requested 3 of 4 letters of recommendation.
3) Scheduled three interviews in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
4) Seen the Yarn Harlot.
5) Acted like a total fangirl when she was signing my books. But she did compliment me on my Creatures of the Reef Shawl. I agree it's probably the prettiest thing I've ever made.

You can even the see the bottoms of the seahorses and crabs. Yeah!

6) Saw Jonathon Coulton and Paul and Storm in concert. Which was awesome. I still can't get the live version of "Mr. Fancypants" out of my head. The Mucky Duck was a great venue too.
7) Worked on my Koi socks for Mom.

8) Reread Alison Weir's The Life of Elizabeth I

9) Completed the entire Kaplan Qbank for Step 2CK. No comments on the percentage correct.
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Dropped Stitches

So I'm working on the Creatures of the Reef Shawl for my aunt. I spent a lot of time with her as a child and had planned on making this shawl for her for Christmas, but she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm trying to get the shawl done soon and give it to her while she goes through radiotherapy.

And I was working on the shawl and dropped a stitch. In L-A-C-E. With silk yarn. And it started to unravel! BUT....I picked it up. I am so proud of myself.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program.
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Twisted German Cast-On

Yeah! I'm liking this cast-on. Fun to do and stretchy. I'm starting the Pomotamus socks for my mom (because I don't have enough on my needles already).

Oh yeah, my father-in-law had a heard attack last week (on his 50th birthday no less). This past Sunday my father crashed a motorcycle while taking a safety class. He ended up with a minor pneumothorax and some cracked ribs.

This has not been a good month for Eddy's grandpas.

Luckily they are both doing well, and at home recovering. Now back to studying for the boards.
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What can I say, I'm a joiner. I just put in an order for Moo cards. I tried to vary the pictures, but most of them ended up having Eddy in them, the kid's just so photogenic.

Also, on Saturday I had a great day out with the some of the women from my knitting group. It was so nice to be able to get to know everyone a little better. I managed to go to a yarn store and NOT buy yarn... but, I did pick up a set of sock blockers. Sorry no pictures yet.

Anyway back to ultrasounds tomorrow - I'm enjoying this elective, but I'm glad I'll have a few weeks off to study for my board exams.
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As I have vacation this week and we have family in San Antonio and season passes to Sea World we decided to spend a few days in San Antonio. Getting here was a bit of a chore as it looked like this:

for a good part of the way down I-10 from Houston. Luckily we did get in and today went to see these:

at BR Llama and Alpaca Ranch in Boerne. We also visited two yarn stores. Ewe and Eye is also a needlepoint and toy store, so their selection is rather limited, but I did pick up some cashmere to make my Grandmother some socks. Rosewood Yarns had a much wider selection and I broke down and got some Schaefer Anne in colorway very similar to their "Hermione" colorway. I also got 500yds of some beautiful Tussah silk from Texscape Fibers, an artist based in San Antonio. It's called "Crepe Myrtle" and is absolutely beautiful - I can't stop touching it. I'll post pictures of these soon, didn't get good light today.

Tomorrow - Sea World and a dinosaur exhibit at the Witte Museum.
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